Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Patriotism is Good for Kids

Hi, All,

I’m trying to get this blogging thing down.... My daughter (who set up and takes care of my blog) tells me that it’s sort of like an on-line journal–I should be writing my thoughts and giving you a chance to comment or respond to them. Since I already write a regular column for our weekly paper (and another paper in the western part of the state), I do get a chance to muse and even mumble about all sorts of things. And I have readers either clap or boo, so I guess I’ve been a blogger before blogging was cool

Now blogging is cool, but I still rely on somebody else to put up my thoughts (like my editors do)....

It’s July and a presidential election year, so I’m thinking about what it means to be a citizen of the United States of America.

At the risk of setting off a fire storm of unpleasant debate, I want to come right out and say that “Patriotism and allegiance to and love for country, are good for children–and adults.”

I think we have swung too far away from the ideals and truths upon which our country was founded. We’re in danger of losing what has been purchased by the best blood of 10 generations!

I’m saddened when I witness horrific, personal attacks coming from both ends of the political spectrum: “George Bush is a war-mongering mad man”, “John McCain is a shambling, vacillating fool with no personal values”, “Barrack O’bama is an immature racist with secret yearnings to turn the country over to terrorists”, “Hilary Clinton is a shrewish man-hater.” The list goes on and on, depending on who’s talking and his or her agenda.

Where in the world have “discussion,” “debate,” and “polite disagreement” gone to? At least we’re not shooting each other with actual bullets, ...not yet. But I’ve heard threats to bring criminal charges against the Bush administration, which means certain folks want to follow in the footsteps of Stalin, Hitler and others who jailed their political opponents when they gained enough power to do so.

I’ve witnessed, even in my own family, relationships ruptured, feelings hurt, and trenches dug which were almost too broad to be crossed. Why can’t people just state their points of view about religion, politics, local government, gas prices, etc, etc, and allow everyone else the same privilege?

Enough, already!! We’ve endured more than a year of political wrangling and we’re still four months away from the actual election. Let’s come together to celebrate, during our nation’s Birthday month, all that makes us unique and wonderful.

Of course, there are some moral absolutes; I’m not trying to promote “moral relativism.” I do believe that our God put us here on earth to learn to love, forgive, and serve one another, without blame, rancor, or judgement.

Join with me to tell the stories of heroism on the beaches at Normandy, in the jungles of Vietnam, and the desert sands of Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s unite behind our sons and our daughters who have volunteered to put their lives on the line, no matter where they’re serving right now.

Every member of the armed services--reservist, active, or retired--deserves a handshake and a thank you, at the very least. If you’re in a position to lighten the financial burdens of a family left behind, then do so–either through a credible agency or directly.

The returning wounded face years of rehabilitation and may have to forgo cherished dreams forever because they left arms or legs on the battlefield. Sometimes, dying is easier than living with such realities. Again, let these soldiers know you appreciate their incredible sacrifice.

Proudly display your flag, every day. If you see military uniforms, point them out to your children; smile and say thank you. A few days ago, I witnessed a middle aged woman pay for the lunch of two young men in uniform. What a great example for her grandson who was with her!

What do you think we should do to honor our troops and veterans?

I know a lot of people are dead set against war of any sort, anywhere. I don’t like war either, but I’m hard-pressed to figure out what we do instead, especially when we’re attacked on our own soil or we see genocide going on and have the means to stop it. Technology being what it is, we can’t depend on an ocean to protect us, so withdrawing into ourselves won’t work.

Anyway, I’ve considered this topic in my column–and elicited claps and boos....

Until later....

Corrie Lynne


Dolly said...

Good job Mom!
That was fun to read :)Thanks for trusting me with your blog...

Lisa C said...

Thank you for saying so eloquently what I've been feeling for a long time.

Corrie Lynne Player said...

I appreciate your comments! My column received mostly positive feedback, but one fellow accused me of being a terrorist and advocating criminal behavior.

I'm going to post the column I just wrote about his reaction!