Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great News on a Sad Day

Hi, All, Here I am, blogging my little heart out--it's a lot different from writing my columns, articles, and books. It's more like writing a letter and sending it into the ether--I don't know who or if anybody will receive my words. At least with a letter, I'm pretty sure my message gets to where I mailed it, unless the PO returns it....

Today, August 30, has been almost more than I can actually write down--something unusual for me!

I woke up this morning to hug Padraig who had arrived with his two brothers last night just about bedtime. I checked the orange cream fruit salad I'd made for the funeral today. Eric called Gary and I down so that Caelan could tell us that his dad was engaged. I'm thrilled, because I met Andalina a couple of weeks ago--she's a wonderful person. They plan to be married in the St. George Temple on October 18.

I left to get my hair done (leaving for two weeks necessitates serious hair help). While under the dryer, I worked on the lesson I have to give in Relief Society tomorrow. And I was finally able to talk to Linda for a few minutes about their trip here on Sept. 14 - 23 for Robert's wedding (I'm unsure about the end date...). I will be in Ogden the weekend of Sept. 12-13 for the League of Utah Writer's Round-Up.

The funeral this afternoon was heart wrenching but filled with peace and laughter, too. Gary played taps at the internment. We didn't get a chance to talk to any of the family--there were close to a thousand people at the service. But we'll visit when we get back in town--that's when they'll need more support, anyway.

OK, this is taking more time than I have--I have to finish preparing my lesson for Church tomorrow.

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