Saturday, August 30, 2008


I think I just lost the whole thing.... Gary and Eric, with Caelan, Morgan, and Padraig, unexpectedly returned from their camping trip--rained and hailed out. Caelan is upset and I've said they can go ahead and set the tent up on the lawn for the night. We'll see.

Eric announced his engagement to Adelina Luong, a beautiful young woman who is in her second year of residency in surgical pathology. They plan to be married on October 18, and Adelina says that Dolly, Sherri and I can plan the whole thing! We're excited and hope that as many of our kids as possible will be able to be here.

The funeral for our dear friends, David Goddard and his daughter, Cecilee, was today; it ended a very long, intense week for us and was attended by nearly a thousand people.

Well, as I said in the post I think I lost (maybe I did and maybe I didn't...), I need to get back to working on my lesson for church tomorrow. It's on "Gifts of the Spirit."


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