Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alaska was Wonderful--the week's since.... not so much

Well, I guess I'll just start typing--I tried to get in front of my signature.... Gary and I enjoyed a wonderful cruise up the Inside Passage, with stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. I gained back the weight I lost when I got sick. Then we spent five days in Anchorage, visiting with my brother , Paxton and his family. My brother, Chuck, flew up for a couple of days with one of his daughters and her two daughters, as well as to do a little work with Gary and to use his special touch with Butchy to bring him home to Cedar City.
Butchy stayed exactly two weeks--two weeks that helped me learn much about bureaucracies, family love and support, priesthood blessings and trusting the Lord. Most of all, I’ve learned even more about how much I love and need my sweetheart, Gary F. Player, world’s best husband, dad, and grandpa.
Gary cared for me and backed me up when everybody else told me to “give it up, you can’t make yourself sick over this.”
When Chuck, Gary and I brought Butchy to Cedar City, I really fully intended that this would be his permanent home, that he would be back within the circle of my Faith and family and that I would pursue full guardianship through the state of Utah. I also placed him on the waiting list for the disability waiver necessary for Medicaid to give him special services that he needs because of his mental handicaps.
But events beyond my control, economic realities, poor choices by others, refusals to honor agreements, etc., etc., forced me to put my personal feelings aside and send Butchy back to Alaska, to wait in familiar surroundings while my application for a disability waiver crawls through the system.

The best part of the past few months, however, is that I have reliable help with my mother who lives with me--without that help, I'm sure I'd have been in a rubber room a long time ago!

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